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Children bed.

For the selection of wooden bed, although it can be selected according to personal preference and economic ability, some factors must be paid attention to.

1. Safety

(1) to see if the structure of the bed is strong enough and strong enough to avoid accidents.

(2) touch must be smooth. Products should not have dangerous protrusions. If so, they should be protected in appropriate ways. For example, bend the ends or add protective cap or cover to effectively increase the area of possible contact with the skin, and the protective cover should not fall off.

(3) castors must also be locked so that the bed can be fixed.

Two, environmental protection

(1) find environmental reports of vendors or sellers asking for children's beds. But we should pay attention to whether the object of monitoring is simple board or paint.

(2) smell the smell. If it is a strong bed with strong smell, do not buy it. If stimulation makes people cry, it indicates that the formaldehyde content is seriously exceeding the standard.

(3) ask the texture. Environmentally friendly logs are ideal materials for children's furniture. They are made from natural materials without harmful chemicals. It is best to choose environmentally friendly water-based paint with lacquer. These are sometimes difficult to distinguish only from the naked eye, or need to be questioned, because some are made of wood based panels instead of logs.

Three. Suitable for children's age

(1) as far as choosing colors, try to choose soft colors, not too bright and dazzling. After all, the bed is used to sleep. If the pattern on the bed is too dazzling, it is easy to attract the attention of the baby, and it is not easy to fall asleep.

(2) the choice of mattress should not be soft or hard. Too soft baby can easily suffocate after turning over, but too hard baby will feel uncomfortable. Baby's safety, mattress thickness is best not to exceed 11 cm.

(3) in the choice of peripheral products, we must pay attention to the choice of the rope, not too long or in the place where the baby's hands can be touched, so as to avoid any danger.

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