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At present, there are many brands and tables and chairs of various materials in the market. Then, how can we pick out the most suitable items in the various tables and chairs?

1: material

At present, there are children's learning table with Pinus sylvestris and particleboard. The children's desk of Pinus sylvestris's Pinus sylvestris has a straight texture, moderate structure, light soft material, good dry performance, and the best sheet. Although the children's learning table of particleboard is smooth and decorative, the strength of static curve and internal binding strength are high, the processing performance is excellent, the warpage is small, and the dimensional stability is good. But it is not suitable for many disassembly and disassembly.

Two: practical scope

Whether the size, the length and width of the appropriate, whether it can meet the children can also be used, the height is not adjustable, especially the boy's long, more need to select a suitable style of children's study table.

Three: Safety

Nowadays, there are many children's learning tables in the market, including foldable, slant, horizontal, adjustable height, desktop expansion and so on. All children's learning tables are designed for the convenience of their children, but the premise is whether the design is safe, which requires the attention of parents and friends. The folding table of children's learning table will be sandwiched between the children's hands, and whether there will be a hidden danger in the corner of the table before and after folding (the child is accidentally knocked out), so it is suggested that the children of the corner of the corner of the table be chosen to learn the table.

Four: function

The children's learning table now requires correcting sitting posture and preventing myopia. All children's learning tables now have brackets. In fact, children's learning table with sloping state is unstable and easy to slip while books are placed, and children can't press books all the time. The elbow plate of the children's learning table is more than 70 degrees down with the body, and the child is easy to put their arms directly on the table and then on the table. Then the effect of the rectifying posture of the elbow plate is obviously weakened.

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